Who is the Puritan Financial Group?

About Puritan Financial Companies

Puritan Financial Goup Inc. is a group of companies focused on serving the financial needs of retirees and those approaching retirement age. Puritan works in financial planning for the experienced investor, supplying investment advice, financial services and insurance products designed to offer you low-risk solutions, competitive rates and positive returns.

Are we old fashioned? Yes we are. We believe in providing personal service and conscientious financial advice, values that serve our clients well. Also, we want to do business face-to-face, in a way that makes it more then just another business transaction. It’s why Puritan representatives make house calls. Something as important as your financial plan deserves personal attention. Understanding who you are and what you care about before we can make solid suggestions for your financial future. Puritan is committed to recommending financial opportunities that fit your needs and place your best interests first.  It’s how we both win.

Puritan Financial Companies Affiliates

Puritan Investment Advisors, Inc., (“PIA”)

Puritan Investment Advisors is a wholly owned subsidiary of PFC – is a Registered Investment Advisor with the Texas State Securities Board and with other states where it offers fee-based investment advisory services. PIA grows its business through referrals from Puritan’s existing client database and also provides planning, guidance, and support to other PFC affiliates.

Puritan Financial Group, Inc., (“PFG”, “Puritan” or “Puritan Life”)

Puritan Financial Group is a licensed insurance agency that has grown over the past several years into a multi-state insurance agency and client services organization with a nationwide account base and regional network of agents. PFG is currently registered in a number of states across the U.S. and serves clients from its home office in Dallas and regional offices in states where located. Puritan Life is a Trademark of Puritan Financial Group, Inc. In the state of California Puritan Life operates as DBA Puritan Life Insurance Services.

Puritan Brokerage Services, Inc., (“PBS”)

Puritan Brokerage Services is a “fully-disclosed” introducing broker/dealer offering a wide range of investment products including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, variable life, variable annuity, U.S. Treasuries and CD’s. PBS is a member of FINRA, formerly the National Association of Securities Dealers (“NASD”) and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation, (“SIPC”). Customers’ general securities accounts are maintained at Southwest Securities, our third-party clearing firm.

Puritan Life Insurance Company (“PLI”)

Puritan Life Insurance Company is a life insurance company that operates as a reinsurance company to co-insure life insurance and annuity assets, to produce investment returns on invested assets and generate underwriting profits on the insurance and annuity business assumed. PLI has entered into an agreement in principle with one of its primary insurance carriers to reinsure, either on a modified co-insurance or co-insurance basis.
Puritan Life Insurance Company has no financial responsibility for the products offered by other insurers.

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Puritan Financial Group in the News

Every company has a series of annual events that it likes to let it clients and company shareholders know about.  The ones worth noting are usually put out in some form of press release.  Puritan Financial Group is no exception to the practice of publicizing what’s happening, but also the ways it contributes to the communities they serve.

For 2012, here’s a list of Puritan’s press releases and topics located on the web from PRWeb and PRLog:

Puritan Financial Group Receives BBB A Plus Rating

Puritan Financial Companies Completes Acquisition of Admiral Life and Texas International Life Insurance Company

Puritan Financial Group Collaborates with Investors Heritage

Puritan Financial Group Continues Volunteer Efforts With H.I.S. BridgeBuilders

Of course, there’s always more going on in the company then what’s stated in the press.  However, these are the highlights of 2012 for Puritan.

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Puritan Financial Group on Facebook

Puritan Financial Group joined Facebook on June 28, 2010. Since then, they over 81 likes and hundreds of Facebook friends following their page.

Some of the many topics discussed on their Facebook page include:

Choosing Medigap Provider:Name Recognition vs. Lowest Price
Traveling Abroad? Medicare Supplement G, Plan N & Plan F
5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Medicare Supplement F
About Medicare Plan G Supplemental Insurance
Medicare Supplement for Women
The Trifecta: Medicare Plan G, Medigap Plan N & Medicare Supplement F
Medigap Plan N Benefits Chart Comparison
True or False? Plan N Medicare Supplemental Insurance Facts

These are some of the recent topics and links to valuable resources for seniors.  To find more topics and view the complete page, go to https://www.facebook.com/puritanfinancialgroup .

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Puritan in the News

Here’s are couple of recent news articles this month:

Puritan Financial Group Collaborates with Investors Heritage

Puritan Financial Group, an insurance agency and it’s sibling company, the Puritan Life Insurance Company of America are pleased to announce that their partnership with Investors Heritage Life Insurance Company has exceeded original expectations.

Puritan Financial Group Receives A+ Rating

The Puritan Financial Group announces their Better Business Bureau rating of “A+”. The Puritan Financial Group has been accredited with the BBB since 2002 and has maintain its rating throughout the years.

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Puritan Financial Group on the BBB

The BBB has over ten listing for the Puritan Financial Group.  They range from the head office location in Adison Texas to some of it branch locations such as Phoenix Arizona.

A Google search for the term “Puritan Financial Group” will show these two BBB page for Puritan:



Although these locations are not the head office operation, they are branches operating in both Columbus OH and Wexford PA.

The official BBB page for the Puritan Financial Group on the BBB site is:


A review of this page will show that Puritan is an accredited BBB business with an A+ rating.  In addition, the site will show the rating factors, business description and other useful information about the Puritan.

As the BBB has published standards for its reviews criteria, it is one of the most reliable web resources for company ratings.


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Puritan Financial Companies Inc. continues volunteer efforts with H.I.S. BridgeBuilders

June 1 2012 – H.I.S. BridgeBuilders is a movement of God uniting Christians across cities to advance urban transformation through Education, Health, Economic and Community Development. BridgeBuilders has been serving the city of Dallas for many years and we are proud to partner with an organization that seeks to glorify God in our city.

One of the main ways BridgeBuilders seeks to help transform urban communities is through their employment training classes. BridgeBuilders trains for jobs in hospitality care, logistics, machine shops, construction, and optical labs. In 2011, over 80% of students that graduated from classes at BridgeBuilders received jobs. Much of the students’ success can be attributed to the mentors that meet with them weekly. Mentors help the students by encouraging them in their work as well as sharing lessons they have learned from their own careers.

Many Puritan employees use their lunch breaks once a week for six weeks during a training class to mentor at H.I.S. BridgeBuilders. Our employees find that many of the trainees simply need a friend to encourage them. Many of the mentors are able to share struggles and success stories from their own lives that relate to their mentees. One of our employees, Craig Wagner, was paired with a man who was in the machine shop training class. Craig said, “He and I both bonded very well in the mentorship program; God had a reason to connect us.” Craig was able to use his experience in the manufacturing industry to pass on wise counsel to his mentee. Now, his mentee has moved up the ranks and was recently given the opportunity to supervise new projects at his company.

Craig’s story is one of many success stories that we have experienced while volunteering with H.I.S. BridgeBuilders. We cherish this opportunity to serve and are grateful to our employees who volunteer their time. We look forward to continuing our partnership with H.I.S. BridgeBuilders to better the city of Dallas.

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Puritan Financial Group News

Here are a couple of recent Press Release on Puritan Life:

Puritan gives back to Bridge Builders of Texas

Puritan Financial Group announced today that its employees have committed to donate their lunch breaks for six weeks to mentor at H.I.S. BridgeBuilders. BridgeBuilders has served the City of Dallas to advance urban transformation.

Medical Supplement Insurance

Puritan Financial Group recently announced its continued direct relationship with Mutual of Omaha for medical supplement Insurance. Puritan Financial Group is a broker for medical supplement insurance and the relationship between the two companies since 2010 for medical supplement insurance continues to exceed expectations for clients served by Puritan.

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